The Mover (Parent - Infant)

2 months - 14 months

Your little one who is very active at the moment (crawling, pulling to stand, and maybe starting to walk) will enjoy a wide range of developmentally appropriate activities that has been chosen carefully particularly for this wonderful age. Your child starts to notice things in his environment and always keen to explore using their hands and even their mouth! A lot of tactlie, visual, and sensory exploration offered throughout the class.There will be art and practical life activities (common in all Montessori classes), baking, food preparation, language lessons, and a lot more.
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The Independent (Parent - Toddler)

(14 months - 3 years)

As soon as the child can walk steadily by themselves, they enjoy discovering things around them. A lot of developmental progress happening at this age, physical (fine and gross motor), language explosion learning to socialize and of course they want to do everything by themselves. This class will offer different activities from cutting fruits or vegetables (helping to prepare for morning tea), baking, watering plants, hand washing, puzzles, art activities and more! Parents or Caregivers will benefit tremendously as they learn how to collaborate with their little ones. This class is a great transition to 3-6 classroom.
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